Making the Most of Corn Planting Opportunities

Nov 12, 2020 by Renee McMahill in

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Meet the Speakers
Dr. ErickLarson State Corn Specialist Mississippi State University Extension Service 662-418-7802 [email protected]
WillHart Mississippi Farmer: Corn, Soybeans 662-310-0989 [email protected]
About this Session

Making the Most of Corn Planting Opportunities

Presented by: Dr. Erick Larson
State Corn Specialist, Mississippi State University

Mid-South growers usually have plentiful spring rainfall which limits planting opportunities and stress plant development, but the spring of 2020 was extraordinarily challenging for corn growers. It is also well documented that corn is very responsive to early planting, which puts pressure on us to plant when conditions are far from ideal, or abandon corn growing intentions altogether. However, successfully growing corn depends on numerous factors that interact to ultimately determine the stand, plant health and the resources available to grow a productive and profitable corn crop. We will explain how various factors influence crop development, and offer management recommendations which enhance productivity or reduce risk associated with common limitations and issues encountered in this region.


How Computerized Hole Selection Aids With Corn Production

Presented by: Will Hart
Mississippi Farmer: Corn, Soybeans

Will Hart will offer his experiences with computerized hole selection in corn production. He will discuss the implementation of the system, the benefits it offers, as well as the other irrigation technologies that become available once this tool is used.
Hart attended Mississippi State University where he studied Agricultural Engineering and Technology Business. A lifelong farmer, he works for his grandfather, Terry Maxwell, on Hopeso Farms which includes 3,000 acres with one third dedicated to corn and the other two thirds to soybean production.