John Gonzalez

Professor|Animal and Dairy Science

When I was in middle and high school, I was fortunate enough to have friends whose parents owned hobby farm and ranches in south and central Texas. I enjoyed visiting these properties and thought this is what farming and ranching entailed. Therefore, when I attended Texas A&M University I decided to study agricultural economics, concentrating in farm and ranch management. During my time at A&M I also studied poultry science, which provided me with a lot of the principles I study now. Upon graduation, a UGA alumnus encouraged me to attend graduate school at Sul Ross State University in Alpine, Texas. That is where I learned I had a passion for the scientific method and conducting research in the area of meat science. I next attended the University of Florida where I learned how to use molecular methodologies to manipulate muscle growth and explain meat quality. After spending a brief nine months in the beef industry, I returned to UF for a postdoctoral experience, and eventually landed my first academic position at Kansas State University. I spent eight years at Kansas State University in a 70% research and 30% instruction position. While I established and grew my research program at K-State, I also gained a great appreciation of the undergraduate and graduate teaching area of the land-grant mission.

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