Robert Goodband

University Distinguished Professor/Extension Specialist|Swine Nutrition and Management

Dr. Bob Goodband is originally from Walpole, Massachusetts. He graduated from The Pennsylvania State University in 1984. He obtained his M.S. (1986) and Ph.D. (1989) in Swine Nutrition at Kansas State University, and then joined the Department of Animal Sciences and Industry. Today, Bob is involved with Teaching (40%), Extension (40%) and Research (20%). He is part of a progressive swine extension/nutrition team with programs focused on developing, evaluating and disseminating the latest information to increase the profitability of pork producers. Bob has played an important role in developing an intensive on-farm research program that has conducted numerous on-farm trials in several states across the U.S. His work has resulted in over 400 refereed journal papers, 10 book chapters, over 1,000 research reports and Extension publications. Bob's current teaching assignment includes ASI 535, Swine Science and ASI 679, Swine Nutrition. The classes cover the basics of modern, sustainable swine production and nutrition. Bob also advises 40 to 50 undergraduate students each year and has helped mentor over 120 M.S. and Ph.D. students.

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