KC Olson

Professor|Range Beef Cattle Nutrition and Management

KC is a professor of range beef cattle nutrition and management and the W.M. and F.A. Lewis Distinguished Chair in the Department of Animal Sciences & Industry at Kansas State University. He teaches a number of courses at KSU and takes great pride in helping train the next generation of Great Plains ranchers and farmers. KC’s research program addresses questions that affect profitability of the cow-calf and stocker segments of the Kansas beef industry. Specific areas of research include management of invasive range plants; nutritional management of cattle grazing native range; fire ecology; and factors influencing grazing behavior. KC holds advanced degrees from Kansas State University and North Dakota State University. KC is active in the American Society of Animal Science, the Society for Range Management, the American Registry of Professional Animal Scientists, the American College of Animal Nutrition, the Weed Science Society of America, and the Tallgrass Legacy Alliance. He was the 2019 winner of the Animal Management Award bestowed by the American Society of Animal Science. KC, his wife Karli, and sons Charles and Theodore live on a beautiful ranch in North Lyon County. In his off time, KC enjoys spending time with his family, being active in his church, and being one of the most highly leveraged ranchers in the Flint Hills. He has a very close relationship with his banker.

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