Introducing the Furrow Runner Plow

Jan 17, 2024 by caitlin in
Meet the Speakers
Dr. BillRobertson Professor - Cotton Extension Agronomist University of Arkansas System Div. of Agriculture, Newport Extension Ctr. 501-425-0549 [email protected]
MattFryer Instructor - Soil Science University of Arkansas 501-671-2176 870-318-6919 [email protected]
About this Session

Introducing the Furrow Runner Plow

By: Bill Robertson, Owner/CFO at Arkansas Barns, LLC & Matt Fryer, Technical Agronomist, SE US, Koch Agronomic Services

Dr. Bill Robertson, University of Arkansas Cotton Extension Agronomist and Mr. Matt Fryer, University of Arkansas Soils Instructor, discuss the importance of improving external drainage using a furrow runner plow to create a shallow channel to aid in removing excess rain or to allow irrigation water to cover the field. The furrow runner removes residue and forms a narrow 6” wide channel creating a minimal amount of disturbance.

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Used with permission from the University of Arkansas System, Soil Health Institute, and Extension