Meet the Speakers
Dr. Whitney D. Crow Assistant Professor, Extension Entomologist Mississippi State University 662-686-3227 901-592-8787 [email protected]
Dr. JeffGore Associate Research and Extension Professor Mississippi State University 662-820-9969 [email protected]
Dr. AngusCatchot Extension Entomologist Mississippi State University 662-325-2085 662-418-8163 [email protected]
Dr. GusLorenz Professor - Extension Entomologist University of Arkansas Division of Ag - Extension 501-676-3124 501-944-0942 [email protected]
Dr. ScottStewart Director University of Tennessee, West Tennessee Ag Research and Extension Center 731-425-4709 731-267-6085 [email protected]
Dr. SebeBrown Research & Extension Field Crops Entomologist LSU AgCenter 318-498-1283 [email protected]
About this Session

Learning to live with insects – understanding the economics of IPM

Presented by: Dr. Sebe Brown Extension Entomologist, LSU AgCenter

Presented by: Dr. Angus Catchot Extension Entomologist, Mississippi State University

Presented by: Dr. Gus Lorenz Distinguished Professor & Extension Entomologist, Assoc. Dept. Head Entomology & Plant Pathology, University of Arkansas

Presented by: Dr. Scott Stewart Director, West Tennessee Ag Research & Education Center, University of Tennessee

Presented by: Dr. Jeff Gore Associate Research & Extension Professor, Mississippi State University

Presented by: Whitney D. Crow Assistant Extension Professor, Delta Research & Extension Service


This roundtable will be an open discussion about major insect pests in multiple crops, using them as examples to understand the proper implementation of integrated pest management. Topics will include understanding the ability of the crop to tolerate or compensate for insect injury, the development of economically sound treatment thresholds, and debating if and when treatment thresholds should be adjusted on the fly based on real-world practicalities of crop management.