Meet the Speakers
Dr. PengyinChen David Haggard Endowed Chair Professor in Soybean Breeding Fisher Delta Research Center [email protected]
Dr. LeandroMozzoni Soybean Breeder University of Arkansas [email protected]
Caio CanellaVieira Ph.D. student University of Missouri [email protected]
BradDoyle Arkansas Farmer: Soybean [email protected]
CCA CEU: 1/2 S&W - 1/2 PM
About this Session

Midsouth Soybean Board: Genetics behind tolerance to Dicamba Drift and Flooding

Presented by: Dr. Pengyin Chen, David Haggard Endowed Chair Professor in Soybean Breeding, Fisher Delta Research Center

Presented by: Dr. Leandro Mozzoni, Soybean Breeder, University of Arkansas

Presented by: Caio Canella Vieira, Ph.D. Student, University of Missouri

Presented by: Brad Doyle, Arkansas Farmer

The Midsouth Soybean Board visits with Dr. Pengyin Chen, Dr. Leandro Mozzoni, Caio Canella Vieira, and Brad Doyle about flooding and dicamba drift.  Drs. Chen and Mozzoni are collaborating across state lines to help farmers yield more soybean bushels under flooding conditions.  Using advanced breeding lines and drone technology, the researchers are just a few cycles away from releasing new lines that yield as much as commercial checks under adverse flooding conditions.  We also visit with Dr. Chen and his graduate student, Caio Canella Vieira, about mitigating Dicamba Drift with new soybean lines from the University of Missouri.  Brad Doyle provides an update on the background and goals of the Midsouth Soybean board.