Yellow Nutsedge: Why, How and What to Do

Feb 07, 2022 by Renee McMahill in

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Yellow Nutsedge: Why, How and What to Do

By Matthew C. Fleetwood, Ph.D. Student • University of Missouri
By Xi Xiong, Associate Professor, Plant Sciences • University of Missouri

Yellow nutsedge remains a difficult-to-control weed for many turf areas. As a perennial plant species, it spreads primarily by underground rhizomes and tubers. Greenhouse research carried out at the University of Missouri discovered that one single yellow nutsedge plant can produce 203 shoots and 236 tubers in just 8 months. Under field conditions, yellow nutsedge can be relatively easy to suppress, however, the control was temporary and the suppression was limited to primarily the above-ground tissue. Our field experiment revealed that satisfactory control of yellow nutsedge requires multi-year herbicide applications.

  • Used with permission from the University of Arkansas System Division of Agriculture.