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CadeHayden Tech Service Rep BASF Corporation [email protected]
About this Session

Advancements in BASF Crop Protection Fungicides and Insecticides for 2021

Presented by: Cade Hayden
Tech Service Rep, BASF Corporation

BASF is the leader in crop protection fungicides. This session will focus on uses and applications of some of the latest fungicide and insecticide developments.  These include:

  • Revysol® fungicide, a new DMI fungicide for use on a wide variety of crops. It is a key component in Revytek™ fungicide and Veltyma™ fungicide. Their benefits and uses on soybeans, corn, and other crops will be presented.
  • Vault® IP Plus Biological/Inoculant Seed Treatment (Bacillus subtillis strain BU1814, amyloliquefaciens strain MBI 600 and Bradyrhizobium japonicum)
  • Relenya® Seed Treatment (mefentrifluconazole)
  • Poncho® XC Seed Treatment (clothianidin)
  • Sefina® insecticide (Inscalis®) for cotton and soybeans
  • Other advancements with BASF fungicides and insecticides


Inscalis, Revysol, Poncho, Relenya, Sefina and Vault are registered trademarks of BASF Corp.

Revytek and Veltyma are trademarks of BASF Corp.