Enlist E3 System

Feb 07, 2022 by Renee McMahill in

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Dr. Thomas (Tommy)Butts Extension Weed Scientist University of Arkansas System Division of Agriculture 501-804-7314 [email protected]
About this Session

Enlist E3 System

By Tommy Butts, Assistant Professor and Extension Weed Scientist

In this video, Dr. Butts discusses herbicide program recommendations for the Enlist E3 soybean system, the importance of spray water quality and initial results from a statewide spray water survey, and the impact of certain adjuvants on herbicide effectiveness and our overall weed control.

Butts is an assistant professor in the department of crop, soil and environmental sciences and an extension weed scientist. His research focuses on identifying novel weed management strategies for Arkansas rice and soybean growers through diversified approaches.

  • Used with permission from the University of Arkansas System Division of Agriculture.