Make Input Decisions that Boost Productivity

Dec 03, 2020 by Renee McMahill in

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Meet the Speakers
ReaganDeSpain AgriEdge Manager Syngenta [email protected]
RobertGray Kentucky Producer: Hemp 270-881-0327 [email protected]
AshleyGreen Digital Ag Solutions Commercial Lead Syngenta [email protected]
About this Session

Make Input Decisions that Boost Productivity

Presented by: Reagan DeSpain
AgriEdge Manager, Syngenta

Presented by: Dr. Allan Gray
Professor of Agricultural Economics, Purdue University

Presented by: Ashley Green
Digital Ag Solutions Commercial Lead, Syngenta

Don’t get stuck in a situation where a nickel is holding up a dollar! No matter your cropping situation, it’s best to focus on input decisions and productivity because they go hand in hand. In order to turn agronomics into economics, we challenge you to think in terms of costs and benefits per output unit. In this presentation, Reagan DeSpain and Ashley Green from Syngenta and Dr. Allan Gray from Purdue University will review the importance of evaluating productivity versus cost savings and work through examples of how to refine and illustrate input decisions as they relate to productivity. AgriEdge® provides a whole-farm management solution that empowers growers to make faster, data-driven decisions based on five components termed ASSET: Agronomics, Service, Stewardship, Economics and Technology.