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Meet the Speakers
Dr. AhmedHashem Assistant Professor Arkansas State University 870-972-3557 765-409-7533 [email protected]
MatthewMorris Arkansas Farmer 501-516-5756 [email protected]
About this Session

Use of Drone Multispectral Imagery for Variable Rate Fertilization in Central Arkansas

Presented by: Dr. Ahmed Hashem, Assistant Professor, Arkansas State University

Presented by: Matthew Morris, Arkansas Farmer: Corn, Rice, Soybeans

Interest in drone imagery for various agricultural applications continues to grow. Nutrient management technologies continue to evolve and are essential to reduce nutrient losses and improve nutrient use efficiency. Variable-rate fertilization technology has the potential to improve nutrient management. This presentation will discuss the use of multispectral imagery for the development of variable rate fertilization prescriptions for rice and corn in central Arkansas. Methods used to collect multispectral data, stitch images, generate vegetation indices, and create prescription maps will be discussed. Comparison of variable-rate fertilization with uniform fertilization will be made.