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Chris DeClerk Irrigation Specialist Delta Plastics 501-490-0395 501-772-0161 [email protected]
About this Session

Pipe Planner can save producers time, money, and resources. Learn how to use the Pipe Planner application and start saving today.

Presented by: Chris DeClerk
Irrigation Specialist, Delta Plastics

Pipe Planner improves irrigation efficiency and creates time for other tasks around the farm. Over one million acres throughout the Delta currently use Pipe Planner and more are learning every year. Producers gather two simple inputs from the field and input this information into the program. If you are struggling with blowouts, complicated side slopes that require barrels or experiencing long watering times, you must use Pipe Planner. Chris DeClerk, Irrigation Specialist with Delta Plastics, will lead you through how to overcome these hardships with a step by step process of Pipe Planner data collection and design creation.