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Meet the Speakers
TimWilliamson RiceTec Marketing Director RiceTec Inc. [email protected]
WhitneyBlake RiceTec Sales Agronomist RiceTec, Inc. [email protected]
Dr. MerleAnders Crop Consultant Net-Profit Crop Consultant PLLC [email protected]
About this Session

SmartRice and the Importance of Sustainable Rice Production

Presented by: Tim Williamson RiceTec Marketing Director, RiceTec Inc.

Presented by: Whitney Blake RiceTec Sales Agronomist, RiceTec Inc.

Presented by: Dr. Merle Anders Crop Consultant, Net-Profit Crop Consultant, PLLC

There is a growing trend among consumers to purchase sustainably grown products. Rice has a strong opportunity to capitalize on this emerging trend and has a great story to tell:  A RiceTec hybrid enabled platform, with sustainable technologies, can position growers to provide rice for current needs and prepare for future opportunities with sustainability credits. These are the key levers to position rice as a sustainable crop.