Turning Data Into Decisions

Nov 12, 2020 by Renee McMahill in
Meet the Speakers
Dr. EdBarnes Director, Agricultural and Environmental Research Cotton Incorporated 919-678-2368 [email protected]
Dr. JasonWard Assistant Professor/Licensed Professional Engineer North Carolina State University 919-515-8985 [email protected]
JimWilson Chief Technology Officer AgGateway 816-516-8847 [email protected]
Dr. TerryGriffin Associate Professor and Cropping Systems Economist, Dept. of Agricultural Economics Kansas Sate University 501-249-6360 [email protected]
ShaneIsbell Alabama Farmer: Cotton, Corn 256-335-4466 [email protected]
About this Session

Turning Data Into Decisions

Presented by: Dr. Ed Barnes Director, Agricultural and Environmental Research, Cotton Incorporated

Presented by: Jason Ward Assistant Professor and Lic. Professor, Engineer, North Carolina State

Presented by: Jim Wilson Chief Technology Officer, AgGateway

Presented by: Dr. Terry Griffin Associate Professor and Cropping Systems Economist, Department of Agriculture Economics, Kansas State University

Presented by: Shane Isbell Alabama Farmer: Isbell Farms

Growers now have many sources of data on their farms including: yield maps; soil EC data; UAV imagery; as applied input maps; tractor fuel use; and weather data. The amount of data can become overwhelming, and if not properly managed, useless. In this round table discussion, we encourage growers, consultants, researchers and technology providers to all share their ideas on how to capture the most value from the multiple data streams coming onto the farm. Example topics for discussion include sharing experiences of how data has been used to improve profitability, questions on how to organize data, and favorite tools to tame the data jungle.