Cotton Yields –How High Can We Go?

Nov 12, 2020 by Renee McMahill in
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Cotton Yields –How High Can We Go?

Presented by: Dr. Fred Bourland
Professor, University of Arkansas

Average cotton yields in Arkansas have increased from a record low in 1930 (119 lb/a) to a record high in 2019 (1185 lb/a). Four progressively increasing yield plateaus have been experienced during this time span with each plateau having different causes and remedies. Can yields continue to increase above the latest and highest plateau? Yield potential of a cotton plant far exceeds our current yields, but we may now be approaching yield limits imposed by our environment.

Cotton Production Costs –Where Can We Save?

Presented by: Ray Benson
County Cooperative Extension Agent, Staff Chair, Mississippi County, AR, University of Arkansas

With a possible high yield plateau and stagnant cotton prices, increased profits can only be achieved by reducing production costs per unit of production. Profits might be improved by matching inputs to historical yield potential within fields (site-specific management). Prescription seeding rates, variety selection (within a field), fertilization, irrigation, and pest control could improve efficiency of inputs and enhance profits.