Meet the Speakers
Dr. AngusCatchot Extension Entomologist Mississippi State University 662-325-2085 662-418-8163 [email protected]
Dr. TrentIrby Extension Soybean Specialist Mississippi State University 662-325-8616 [email protected]
About this Session

Management of soybean insects for maximum economic returns

Presented by: Dr. Angus Catchot
Extension Entomologist, Mississippi State University

This presentation will address yield limiting insect pest in Mid-Southern soybeans. A number of insect pest have the ability to cause economic damage annually in soybean. This talk will specifically address major insect pests encountered in the 2020 growing season such as redbanded stink bug, soybean looper, and bollworm and offer growers solutions to manage these pests.

Harvest Management Strategies to Optimize Soybean Yield Potential

Presented by: Dr. Trent Irby
Extension Soybean Specialist, Mississippi State University

Environmental conditions during the latter part of the soybean growing season can present a multitude of challenges. Excessive rain may prevent timely application for disease and insect management, or result in delayed harvest due to poor field conditions. Soybean harvest aids have become common practice across much of the Mid-South and can be used to facilitate a faster, more efficient harvest. Given the environmental conditions that are common during the harvest season, it is important to understand harvest aid performance as well as the impact that delayed harvest may have on soybean yield and grain quality.